Starcraft 2 Strategy - Mastering Zerg Banelings[edit | edit source]

A Zerg player who hasn't incorporated Banelings in his Starcraft 2 strategies is missing out on a major portion of the Zerg race. Banelings are awesome units to take down enemy buildings and defensive walls like the Supply Depots Terran players use to block their bases. They are also excellent against groups of Marines and Marauders. If you are up against Protoss, they are good against Zealots. Banelings are also great for killing your enemy's workers in a single blow. This Starcraft 2 strategy guide will tell you how to effectively use Banelings in a Zerg attack to win a game.

For the Starcraft 2 strategy of an early Baneling attack, it is advisable to go with speed upgraded Zerglings from the Spawning pool. If at all possible, try to get the speed upgrade for the Banelings too. If you are playing against Terran, they will probably try to wall you out by building Supply Depots, but this is not a major problem as your Banelings will reduce them to rubble in no time. Once you break through, send your Banelings directly to his SUVs while your Zerlings engage his army. While doing this, you will lose your Zergling army, but it is a worthy trade off as you have basically stopped his economy while you have been building up another wave of Zergling and Baneling assault for the fatal end game attack.

This Starcraft 2 strategy can of course be used against Protoss opponents too. Just use the Zerglings to engage his Zealots and Stalkers and use the Banelings to destroy their Drones. You may also send your Banelings to attack his army if you are not able to reach the Drones for some reason. Make sure the Banelings target Zealots, or if you are playing against Terran the Marines and Marauders. Attempt to hit a group of them, not one or two separated from the main army.

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